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Carlos Candeias
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The founder,  the creative and technological head of the company.

Native German with Spanish mother and Portuguese father. Started tape recordings with 6 years and build the first speaker with 8 years (still existent and working).

He had an early career as a singer in a famous classical choir as lead singer and got there by being picked up by a talent searcher as the only one from the whole private school. Performed several times with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (twice conducted by Herbert von Karajan), as well as lots of radio and television performances.

At age of 13 High Fidelity came up as a hobby, starting with high quality equipment just from the beginning. One year later the first units were modified to improvement.

During studying electronic engineering at the Berlin Technical University he founded the Candeias company in 1986.

The cosmopolitan character of the founder is reflected in the whole company, characterised by tolerance and integration of different cultures.





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