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CC75 and CC80





Candeias offers quite new technologies for amplifiers without overall negative feedback,introducing some new technologies like LEF-Load Effect Free-output stages, CI-Current Injection input stages and IGM-Intelligent Gain Management.

CC75 and CC80 are general purpose amplifiers with LEF output stage, that can be used as voltage amplifiers or in CI-mode as a current/voltage converter, and also allow the use of IGM.

For every general purpose amplifier it is difficult to define the specifications, because there is a wide range of applications, and mesurement specifications are related to application circuit. On the other side: It makes sense to prove our statement: Our advanced amplifier technology is a breakthrough: Achieving unquestionable measurement results without overall negative feedback to get same results for static(measurement) and dynamic(music) signals.

As we use CC80 in several applications, we picked the analog section of a High End Microphone Amplifier A/D Converter to test some specifications. This amplifier has a limited bandwith for paractical reasons, thus the frequency response in this report fits to reasonable limits.

We add some handmade measurements from a test circuit to show CC80's own limitations.

As CC80 offers CI-Current-Injection, we also show the noise spectrum of a CC80 in CI-D/A-Converter application.




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