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CC75 and CC80





Candeias offers several new technologies for amplifiers without overall negative feedback, namely LEF - Load Effect Free - output stages, CI - Current Injection - input stages and IGM - Intelligent Gain Management.

CC75 and CC80 are two general purpose amplifier modules in consequent balanced circuit design from input to output with no need for overall negative feedback.
The circuit is designed to basically avoid distortions instead of correcting them afterwards by negative feedback.

Technical highlights:
1.: LEF - Load Effect Free - output stages
2.: Can be used as voltage amplifiers or in CI-mode (Current Injection)
3.: Allows the use of IGM - Intelligent Gain Management.

By replacing usual Op-amps a dramatically improved sonic quality can be achieved with small engineering effort.

CC80 is the top quality model with some extra selections for LEF current and CI current.
Due to a double input stage, the very best transistors and resistors, CC80 has even less noise than CC75, sounds even better and can easier drive low impedance loads at the output, especially because of CC80’s feature to increase maximum LEF current.
Without any changes CC80 can be an upgrade to replace CC75.







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